No more 150% Food cost please

I’m jn the top 50 alliance. I have 4 level 10 farms. Each produces 45 bread in 1 hour 45x4 =180 breads for me in 1 hour . 180x24hrs = 4320 breads . We are fighting 3 wars . Total 30 battle each of us cost of bread per battle 330…

330x30 = 9900 breads . My total farms can only gave me 4320 breads in 1 day period. My Video does not work most of the time… FG please fix this asap. No more 150% cost of food from now on, if you ignore it, this migh be my last war season. Iam a spender, i support your game, but this is insane for all of us !!!

Don’t spend please. This game is worth playing but not worth supporting.

Oh, Child, you definitely took the words from my mouth…


I am a free player.

Think now, after this season’s flares open attitude to the players as silly cash-milking cows, hope even the paying players will agree that this game isn’t worth investing another cent.

Just when you think Flare can’t piss off any more players they increase the cost of battles. Flare, don’t you understand the game is supposed to be fun? Is that such a mind bending concept? In what world do you think paying 50% more food is fun? You come up with a good idea of varying war seasons, but then have to shoot yourselves in the foot with a boneheaded idea like food increase. This war season should have been called “screw you players” not catacombs.

I think the big downside here is that we were limited to 10 battles so that everyone had the same opportunities to make the same amount of skulls whether they were the highest or lowest ranked player.

Max skulls was capped at 1015 for this reason also.


Between this and the horrible loser bonus all that is null and void.

I really don’t see the problem here. Yes 150% food is challenging but you are not the only one, this affects all alliances so your opponents as well. You just need to adapt, play smart, and make choices. Instead of looking at this as a problem, see it as a challenging way of making the best you can with what you have. And up to you if you want to spend or not. OK things might be different for high players in top alliances but seriously all these changes just make the game more interesting.

Totally agree with whats said by Nathan.

The pay to win system has become way too prominent in this game.

Of course we understand Flare needs to earn money, but the way it goes now just doesnt feel right to so many players. It feels like Flare has reached a state of failing over their own greedyness.

Id suggest to keep the costs of champs, shields and breads at 100%, always.

And if Flare wants to make a change, then make it 75% or less, to make their costumers happy.

Give something to the players sometimes in stead of merely focussing on taking.

It will pay off.

It would be awesome if Flare understands that.

Haha, wishful thinking :slight_smile:

Flares want cash. A lot of cash… And they want it now…

Because they have an ever decreasing player pool …

Xerxes hi,


Overall, this 150% food cost affects all the alliances, so it should not matter, right? WRONG!


When 3 of the alliances on the war map make a pact among them and attack you simultaneously. Having one war for each of them is not a big deal even with 150% food cost.

But you find yourself fighting on 4 fronts at once, with only a limited amount of food available. Would you still call this “fair for all”? Don’t think so…

Plus add to this the fact that some of these alliances still have double war boosts from the last season (thanks to flares shortsight and greed)…

make your own pacts…then its fair for all…be more friendly and you will have allies too…and you can plan mass slaughter  the same way they did

But ones that make a pact, wont they then need to fight it out for 1st place eventually?

And how do you make a pact exactly? Wouldn’t that rely on the other alliance leader accepting a friend request and him informing all generals before attacking?

Eventually yes, they agree to attack other teams first and those teams will lose because free members will be short on food for sure. They agree to attack each other for victory only after those other alliances are eliminated or make no chance any longer on winning a boost or on the last day.


By private chat you contact a general or leader and make some agreement.


That’s why I ask for a competition, no more pacts, every team has to fight every other team in a war season exactly once and also the nonsens of having too many wars at the same time is eliminated. Then you can fully concentrate on the team that is in war with you for that day and then the strongest team will win the season. But I guess a competition doesn’t bring enough cash.

I think the fighting at least once against every alliance is good to show the strongest team but only when Flare make the war fair for the first time. Pacts should be eliminated due to unfairness but that only shows they are weak and need help to win (",)

And to clarify you need to hope that the other alliances leader accepts a friend request to make a pact?

Totally agreed. Take the challenge. It’s war. :wink:

Pacts and dirty politics are not new to RR2. They are made all the time, especially at the top alliances.

Pacts are not the problem, neither friendship between alliances. No problem with this either.

But this ridiculous 150% food cost season have brought this dirty politics even to #200+ alliances.


Like said before: With this food cost, winning on 4 fronts at once is almost impossible, unless you are a heavy flares gems sponsor…


Surely many cases like this are happening right now all over the season. Can provide as an excellent example our own alliance. Very far from leading the season, struggling to hold our 3 fiefs, with 3 other strong alliances on the map. Our fiefs located around the center, though at not such attractive places. Logically, no reason to attack us, other alliances should attack each other to compete for places #1-#3. But suddenly, all 3 at once have attacked us… In today’s wars I expect to see the same again.


It’s very convenient to attack one alliance on many fronts, knowing at this ridiculous season, there’s no chance for it to win on all the fronts because of the food issue.

Still, it’s just an example. We’re OK. Don’t worry for us, we don’t care of winning or losing. :slight_smile:

You indeed need to hope that the other team accepts the private chat request and agrees with a team pact. It could also work against you. When a team disagrees, you could be the one in trouble, because they go after you when they are stronger.


Untill now my alliance only agreed with another team when we were clearly the strongest on the map and separated a team from others. We agreed that they could keep attacking us and we wouldn’t take revenge. Purpose was having the benefit of both alliances getting extra chests. 


Ikamael, I think you need to realise that when a team isn’t the strongest on the map that the difference is even increased more. When it is obvious that one team on the board is clearly much stronger (either number of members or by looking on rank of players or no war boosts or whatever) as the rest, when do you think other teams will attack them? Yep, when an alliance doesn’t check statistics before declaring a war or by an alliance that likes to be beaten up or… On last day of season to decide who becomes first. So the strongest teams already have the advantage of getting less attacks per season.


Increasing food costs only increases the gap (read: making it less fair), because alliances that aren’t obvious the strongest on the map will get attacked a lot. Two alliances out of six will have the ‘luck’ to be placed in the center of the map. Who do you think will get attacked most? Alliances inside the center are victims of this unsmart action of increased food price. They are doomed to three+ fights a day, while others safely on the side can sit down and relax. Teams in the center are already in disadvantage and now even put deeper into trouble. Fact is that if you are not placed in the center, you have to fight the ones in the center to reach teams at the other side of the map. with five wars in a season, eating the other team on your side will not guarantee first place, so teams in the center need to be attacked to reach others.


We are such a ‘fortunate’ alliance, placed inside the center of the map. First day 3, second day 3 and now 4 wars simultaniously. We spended food for 15 wars already. Winning three simultanious fights is doable, but 4 wars is hard to win all battles.


Like Edward said, we play for fun, we don’t care for winning or losing. As a side effect most members already have legendary chests, some already have got the 50K skulls chest. And that with two more days of this season.


With the food cost at 150% it feels like four and a half wars at the same time while being at war at three fronts. And most alliances will have some free players, (so do we) impossible for them to support their team. When war is at four fronts at the same time, it feels like 6 wars, I haven’t seen this in any season yet. The pressure is just too high at that moment, only a top team is able to fight 10 fights per player per war by paying a lot of gems for refilling silo and for what purpose? To fight 2, maybe three times. That’s just absurd!


It would be more fair to give teams in the centre an advantage, instead of saying the food increase hits every team equally. Those in the centre will be affected most by such a disadvantage. I would suggest to give those in the centre an advantage over other teams. Either by giving them a higher bonus, or giving them a lower food price than other teams on same map.

Só, this is it? Do u think I work for flare? C’mon, Ed, are u losing ur wise?

Haha, Kamael, i have lost it a long long time ago. This is why they call me the crazy Ed…

Have already asked you to reveal your IGN. What’s the big secret? Nobody will bite you. C’mon, don’t be so shy. :slight_smile: