No more free boost

Hi guys, since three days I don`t get anymore free boost. Sombody here got the same problem?




Next time make sure to add which device OS you use.

Aka Android/iOS/Windows Mobile Phone 8/10 or some flavour of Windows 8/10


On a Windows 8/10 PC you can find the following folder C:\Users\<some username>\AppData\Local\Packages\flaregamesGmbH.RoyalRevolt2_g0q0z3kw54rap\LocalState<u>VungleSDK.

Delete this VungleSDK folder, wait 5 minutes or so and restart the game.


I have the same problem, but before I make any mistake , I have a question do I have to delete all the folders or only Vungle SDK ? 

for 3 days I have no free boost 


only vungle sdk…

im having the same issues. since yesterday i have gotten the message “no more offers available” when clicking on any free offers. usually this last a couple of hours and then resets but it isnt resetting this time. i have windows 10 on pc and i tried to look up the files posted above but didnt have it so i cant delete any bungle sdk file. the file isnt listed under C:\Users. that is as far as i get looking up the file. i tried searching and got nothing. 


ok guess im an idiot cause i cant figure out how to reply in this thread. however i found the file and deleted what you said but i still cant view any ads for free boosts. im still getting the message none available try back later so i dont know whats up.


C:\Users\<some username>\ AppData\Local\Packages\flaregamesGmbH.RoyalRevolt2_g0q0z3kw54rap\LocalState** VungleSDK** is hidden.

To be able to see hidden folders in your File Explorer you need to open File Explorer -> select Options in the View tab -> then View in the Folder Options -> click "Show hidden files, folders or drives -> Ok


just check “Hidden items” in the View tab or even easier type on start %localappdata% and then click enter

Well there you have it, even more ways to skin a cat.

Depending on which route you take you should be able to find the VungleSDK folder.

Hope it helps so let us know.

This trick does not work for me anymore.  I erase the folder and still won’t get any ads through Windows 10.

@aldefed Odd, however I found out that sometimes removing the mentioned folder a couple of times with say 5 minutes wait in between time before trying again does work.

If not sorry to see it failed on you. From what I read from a pm from @shadowtalon the truck did work.

Keep in mind this trick/workaround was brought forward by this very forum. A permanent solution still will have to put in place  by FG.

You need to WAIT…

So if you rename folder then start app

AND immediately try video then yes there are no videos available …

So curb you impatience, go do a couple of fights and magically it works

otherwise rinse and repeat

I cleaned with wsreset, removed the folder after being more than an hour disconnected. Waited another hour, played pro league and tried another time. Nope, not working.

So there is something else going on this time.

Having said that, this time I did wsreset, plus removed the foder aftr a reboot. First time nothing, then waited for another 10 minutes. Then videos work again.

NEW year arrived but video boosts yet not working

mine are working again. i went in and erased the file mentioned waited 10 15 mins then logged back in and was able to get ads, however for about a day after each ad i had to go in and do everything again bc i was only getting 1 ad at a time. for the last couple of days i am now getting all ads without having to erase any files so for me it is working again…for now. 
ps. thanks captianroyalrevolt for the help.

I tried waiting after erasing the files and it still will not provide ads.