No more free pro tickets a month?

No more free pro tickets a month? or any bug?

This bug will be solved with a next update.

i guess it is only a bug, in my account i still can see the days to my next free pro ticket…

moving to bugs section :slight_smile:


Hi guhan0,

Thanks for posting this. Are you using an iPhone XS by any chance? Like Dena4 said, we are aware of this issue and it has been already added to our database.

Nope I’m using just an iPhone X with iOS 12.1.4… If you need any further assistance ask me.


Hi I also have the problem on my iphone xr…I understand that it s already logged and will be fixed but…is this only a visual bug that does not display the timer and will we be able to collect on time, or what…?

and the million dollar question : when the update will be released…? ?

You should be able to collect the ticket nonetheless. The button will only be highlighted once the ticket can be collected. Unfortunately, for the time being, you have to manually check when that is the case. But the overall ticket collection should work.

Will I get the million dollars? If not, I can’t tell yet. :grinning:

ok perfect if I can collect it ?

Regarding the million…well…tell me first the date and then…I ll thank you ?