No more hidden treasure since start of event


as said on topic title , i did more than 10 attack and there is no more hidden treasures on path since the start of crazy runes event

i’m on PC but some of my teammates on other platform have the same bug


There see s to be a limitation on hidden treasures per day. So that might be the reason.

hmm okay , didn’t know about the limit per day for hidden treasure .played a lot before the event start and nothing just after

it’s strange that the limit happened just at start of event but maybe unlucky :frowning:


I played a lot lately to check the fallen/hidden treasure behaviour and i can confirm that there is and what you observed is due to a daily limit… that’s why i didn’t do any raid before the event start today… and after the event start I got a lot of runes as hidden treasure.

I had the same problem some days ago… But Madlen doesn’t tell me that there was a daily limitation.
Never seen this information anywhere.

There is info that they don’t disclose (and don’t have to disclose), those you learn them from experience in the game…

This information is important.
If the players don’t know it, they’ll write here or at the support when they discover it. Like I did. Like here. Because we cannot know if there is a bug with hidden treasure or smth normal.

And further, the new perk “hidden treasure” is almost useless for me with this daily limitation. I just spent 600 gems to get the new items, and now I learn that I probably wasted those gems…


I did buy those item as well but that was a gamble… also i did say on this forum a couple days ago that from my experience there was a limit per day on the hidden treasure, so there was hint of that info. But even though i understand that there is a limit on the hidden treasure, i find the limit quite low for the moment…

Might be need to restart? Helped me

I feel also that there is some mistical gap in finding hidden tresure. At the beggining of the event i could get 6 or more hidden tresures and after some time it went to 0. I felt the same before event.

60 hidden treasures… and then, nothing. I just count them.


Can you please tell us more about this?

That limit really sucks! What’s the use of creating treasure hunter perks if there is no benefit for using them?
Oh, yeah… the benefit is that you find them quicker, but that’s not a benefit for any active player

You can find all the treasure quicker and therefore you end up with more time to farm for pearls…:crazy_face:
Joke aside, the limit is definitely a bit low…

Lol. OK. Yeah, that’s an option

the limit includes boxes and runes productions, so the more you buy, the fewer runes will drop out of combat🤣


Same here. After some rides hidden tresure stops to appear

Strange… No response from FG :thinking:
Never seen any official info about limits and surely would be good to know before we bought those items.

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Hi guys,
There are two more things (which have also been added to the Rune guide now) you should know about Hidden Treasures:
• You might wanna attack players of a similar strength to get the most out of your raids.
• There are not endless Hidden Treasures per day…. (This only applies to Hidden Treasures from normal battles, not Rune chests).

Therefore, no bug here.

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is there a rough maximum number per day? <50 <100 or so?