No more hidden treasure since start of event

:woman_shrugging: :wink:

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:rr2g5000: yesterday i got round about 30 Runes and some Treasures

the best > 3 gems :rr2advisorhappy:

gotta say,this informaion should hv been disclosed before,not much point of purchasing 2 treasure hunter items in last festival if there is daily limit on hidden treasures! also it should be notified somewhere that you reached ur daily limit,so can stop trying to get it!


What bothers me the most : " which have also been added to the rune guide now"
It’s easiest thing to say. It’s ur game, ur rules but not like this - making up rules after we invested gems to get items for more chance of getting extra. That’s really low punch - not used to it from you guys. I know this game got complex and you done a good job overall. But at the bottom of the line pls create rules b4 you launch new stuff so we know what to expect! Too much to ask?
Would be good to get something in return.
Still not OK with those little dots in progress bar. Treasure not visible enough on the path especially runes. Solution would b our troops get ability to collect it or new worker-treasure hunter.

The other thing about hidden treasure : some of it r really well hidden as ppl already noticed. :white_circle: there but it’s nothing to collect so for this we r risking to lose a battle? Seems like a Russian roulette to me. Bug, no bug here or delay… :woman_shrugging: Another mystery…
Would like to get extra explanation for :" similar strength" part. Is that trophies lvl, king lvl or else?


I got some questions from other players and thought it would be great if those could be answered.

Why is there a limit on common hidden treasures like pearls, gold, pal treats? That there is a limitation on tokens, runes and gems is understandable.

Does the limitation on hidden treasure include the ones that pop up in the battle but we couldn’t get or didn’t collect? This is asked for a reason. if those are excluded, then we simply could skip the common ones, so I expect the ones we not collecting are included in the number of hidden treasures.

What is the exact % of rarity among hidden treasures? Like its rare to get token & Level 2/3 rune as hidden treasure than other hidden treasures.

If we have the special hidden treasure perks on our equipment, does it increase chance on more rare items or do we get more hidden treasures?


Two players (whose me) have count hidden treasure found before limitation during the rune event. Result : about 60 treasures for each player.
I dodged gold, pal treats, bread and pearls, the other player didn’t.
So, it seems that the limitation doesn’t include what you let on the path.
We both had the 2 treasure perks, so I cannot answer the last question.


Thank you for sharing this. This means it’s better to avoid normal treasures, unless you don’t plan a lot of raids.

Thanks for the info.

rrtournament rrtournament rrtournament

Playing minesweeper now. Don’t step on useless hidden treasures.

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Question: How can we vomit mediocre treasures when they are shot right into your mouth because you’re too close to the razed towers?

We can’t. It has to be gulped down.

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