No more pals- maybe one last

Hi, this may not go down probably as the best post. There has been Pals for almost everything, latest being the Sonic blast Keiser. 

Probably we don’t need any more Pals, but I was wondering of all the spells which are covered by the Pals, the one that is missing is the blizzard.

How about Pal that has luck factor along with blizzard spell? That could be very very handy.

A name of Balu (Blizzard + Luck) after the famous animal character from Rudiyard Kipling’s novel. 

It could be a flying Bird on top of the king’s head. It plays it’s luck in the CoF.

Blizzard is indeed a pal I was missing. Combined with luck I guess a lot of players would like to have him. Only the range of blizzard should be good enough to be useful.

Or a snake - with toxic cloud and skull perk. 

So two pals??

But come to think of it, the sonic pal has a sonic power way above the spell (till it is forged and have specific gears), think of a blizzard pal similar to it. 

Skull perk percentage I wouldn’t add to a pal, it forces you to fight with it during war seasons and that pal would only be useful during war seasons. During that period we already fight with some outdated items, which weakens the hero already enough.  If you want better skull percentages, forge your skull gear. 

Toxic cloud pall is indeed missing, I would rather add some mini slow down mechanism in it, similar to toxic cloud spell. 

There can be a few more pals, one for skull boost, one for blizzard, one for luck, one for medal boost, one for xp boost, one with slowdown effect, one with poison, one with lightning… (Or with a combination of the abilities)


We should be able to equip two =)

that too is a good idea.

nah that could be too OP

Wonder why… lol


Oh yeah!

Imagine if we had Panda + Bucky = Really bad idea

Combo!!! ?

Idea noted Already! 

We will discuss all these ideas for a future version and see if we can implement them, feel free to suggest more I will collect them all :wink:

We currently have no plan to introduce a Pal that would influence your Skull bonus, so we will leave this idea out (no worries Fii Nami haha) :grinning:

I want a Penguin Pal with Blizzard spell, that would be awesome

Blizzard pal is a must, especially with Sonic ring and aura coming up. If luck is added to it,?

Technically there’s still some spells left (black magic, that one before sonic blast, forgot the name, poison, time warp) so there’s room for even more pals. If anything, there isn’t enough distinctive perks.

True, there ain’t new perks. Few new spells will be more than welcome along with new Troops. I’m not in favour of new Towers because you already put your everything in building up your defences. The spells or Troops should be out of the blue something different. Let’s hope people put in more ideas for FG to look into it.

I would also like if FG good once again start up with there one time offers. Those offers a very good, although I am not too much into it.

My ideas:

Ice Archimedes: Ice Damage with special Blizzard Power (could also be an Iced Eldrak)

Twisted Ice Archimedes Beast: Ice Damage with Slowdown as special power, maybe?

Serpent: Poison Attack with toxic cloud attack

Serpent Beast: Poison Attack with special rain of Poison Bombs (like the Doom Gate ones) :slight_smile:


Just my ideas, hope you like them



I’ll be different and suggest a froge for poison (or toad rather). Or an orcish chef… Or a long unwashed ogre… Or a sloth (cos, y’know, they keep their poop in their fur and stuff)… Let’s stick with toad. <_<

An ice bird is actually a nice idea, I like it. Or it could be a fairy, if you’re not too opposed to humanoid pals. Because an abominable snowman would be so cliche… :wink:

For the wind slash (or air slash, whatever that’s called) spell I suggest weasel because kamaitachi (google it). Could be like ninjas, mediocre damage but fastest of all. Maybe also make king/allies faster as perk?

Y’know, magic and perks is one thing but what critters could there be? Slime/amoeba? Hippo? There is no insect pal either…