No More Pearl Scrolls?

Give me a break, Flare.  Please rethink this and give us back the pearl scrolls.  This is a blind $$ grab.

Hear hear… We want back pearl scrolls

Agreed. Taking this out was an insane way to beg for more money

I want to like but Ive reached my quota… I agree completely.

If pearls are harder to obtain why do you want them as the way to scroll? I never use scrolls so i don’t realm know, all I know is I would prefer to keep my pearls. Especially now blacksmith is coming

If you are not willing to spent (much) money, pearls are way easier to get. Pearls occur more often in warchests and CoF. Furthemore earlier we had two stocks to use scrolls from, now only one.

You never use scrolls? So, u are a hyper master blaster awesome player.

I think I will miss pearl scrolls too. Gems are easier to gain but also easier to lose for example on granny items or  on  extra donations. Usually when I was short on gems I always knew that I can use a nice TW scroll by pearls. I usually scroll only during wars and pearl scrolls were a nice back up plan if I was short on gems. Now pearls can be spent only at Blacksmith’s or once in a blue moon on an item at Granny’s. I don’t really understand why it has been changed.

I do, Flare gets greedy and now it would be possible to get ‘endless pearls’ from melting items (dnt know how you would get those endless items, but still) meaning you could scroll endlessly.

I actually agree with Fresh, I’d rather keep my pearls. It’s not necessary to be a master to raid 100% without scrolls, at least in my current level (and Fresh is lower than me, so he needs scrolls even less)

The thing is that pearl scrolls were waaaay more expensive than gem scrolls so I avoided using them unless absolutely necessary. Now all scrolls are gem scrolls AND cheaper than before so no complaints from me.

10 pearls for a tw or 12 gems for a tw, its wayy easier to get 10 pearls lol

There’s no comparison. Scrolls by pearls was the best thing for ppl who doesnt spend money.

Ok mr sarcasm

For sure. But at war, many ppl could use scrolls, and pearls were the finest way for poor. :stuck_out_tongue:

For example: I just opened up like 30 chests with full silo and treasure chamber. I got like 150 gems and 500 pearls… Think again why free players prefer pearl scrolls :slight_smile:

Good thing is we only really need scrolls to fight in war due to the many OP seasonal boost.In normal days/raids it is much easier to scroll free and with no risk either

Btw seeing how uber items cost increase to forge and that it give sometimes nice spell boost I think in time your need for scrolls will be less :slight_smile:

To get 10 pearls you had to spend 100 gems on old system that makes pearl scrolls 10 x as expensive as straight gem scrolls…

To quote myself two posts above Phage:

+1 on this, the change is not for the better imo, I’m not sure about flares logic about why its better for us, but a simple suggestion would be that when you select your two scrolls you choose if its gems or pearls you spend to use them.