No more Pro-League announcements

Hey guys,

Once the Pro-League has started (immediately after) you will see the loadout screen in the game. (Finally! Thank you version 5.0! :slight_smile: ).

This makes the Pro-League announcements unnecessary. Therefore, we will not continue announcing them on the forums/social media.

Thank you for your understanding! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know! The in-game announcements are gonna be helpful for all players!

Hi Madlen, I would like to ask, whether the Pro league announcements could contain also the Defenders setup for that given Attacker setup. (Mainly the base units health/dmg but also towers would be helpful).

…Which could be generally good for every base before every attack, I think. Although someone can appreciate the “surprise moment” at whooaa attack start - and sudden death.

Hi yandom, we will discuss internally but at the moment I think it is rather unlikely. Thank you though! :slight_smile: