No more time limit in battle

When attacking another player, I wish there wasn’t a time limit, even if I didn’t get any experience/loot.  This game is just fun to play.  Better yet, only allow experience points to be earned as a bonus for finishing a battle with a more challenging player.  I think it would make the game more fun.  Thoughts?

Так себе, при наличии неограниченного времени можно любую базу замучать.

фишка как раз в том, что надо уложиться во время

Some of us here might disagree :grinning:

If the timer counted up and you got rewards based on how long it took you, that could be interesting. You’d have to stop big soenders from simply smashing through defenses with scrolls though. Some bases you just should not be able to beat and having the timer count up would allow almost anyone to beat anyone else, with enough patience and gems. 

This game should become too much easy. Same if you find a hard base or very hard one. Just take your time to summon unit and destroy all cm2 by cm2. Same if that take 30 min or 1 hour for take 700k. I admit should be fun. However no time limit its I guess like no limit gold. I guess that remove all the fun in the game

Haha, this is now the worst idea I’ve ever heard, sorry lol. This would just ruin the game and ruin the point of even attacking. You could take your time and never die and defeats the whole purpose of upgrading your waves, really

In Rahul’s last suggestion I said that we might as well spin a wheel to see if we win or lose, now we should just spin a wheel to see if we win or…win  

So basically…

We could sit tight near the tent, sleeping for a whole minute (or two?) just farming troops and still win  


Make some device made from pencils and rubber bands that keeps spamming troops to keep you alive while you took an afternoon nap

Then watch the game memory dump when you spawn your 2,637th unit lol

Cant happen you are limited to the amount of units you can spawn in game anyways. 

Really? Didn’t know that. I thought FTB had a video on how the troops are unlimited, but the game starts glitching when there are too many

Pick a unit like knight, archer, arblaster and see for yourself. cant imagine that it is just on mine.

Yes there is a cap but the limit will crash your game. In OR someone have spawn 200 or 300 spearman and his game have crash lol. So you are limited but don’t garanteed if you reach the limit you will not suffer of a crash

Actually it is not that much. Guess try to limit us on task section. That is when started noticing it.