No name?

Hello, in my Alliance we speculate about the name of the Advisor-Girl in the corner of the game.


Is there an official name for her?


Currently we call her Uschi


THX for answer Jesper


Hi Jesper,

our famous advisor is indeed nameless. She doesn’t mind though and is happy to advise the players :slight_smile:





I always wanted to marry her. Like in my old games ,???

I believe the nameless Advisor Girl is engaged with the King, i see them on so many Picture together ? 

Maybe you are the King CATO  :wink:

@Madlen She can change it, if she like   :slight_smile: thx 

I’ve nicknamed her Izzy, short for Izziot (i.d.i.o.t.  )

*speaking to advisor* If it makes you feel any better you can go with me through the dungeons  


Do you guys just have a whole file on her with images of her and specific emotions or did you just make this?