No news on update 4.0

 Its feb finally… Time for next update as birthday is coming… Unlike last year no news on that… I guess something huge is coming … Bdw i like surprises… But surprise should be interesting… Not boring  ^_^

Yes, I believe an update should be expected in the upcoming weeks. Funny thing is, I had a dream about an announcement with new troops and towers, lol. Perhaps that means I play to much  :lol:

Dont give me shock for ur dreams  :slightly_frowning_face:  no new troops or tower pls… Its already very tough to make all and upgrade max  :unsure:

True, but you are expecting something “big”

What do you want that would be new? A new castle building? For instance: @oPelle’s Witch Update!

I am expecting more balancing in game… alliance and war UI overhaul… As its requested multiple times… totally alien stuffs those we have never seen before like pal from previous year… May be a new building too… But eh… No more new troops spells and alliance level plz… It will kill the game…

They should introduce an extra stat per troop. Player decides which stat and only one extra stat can be active.

For example froster. We can chose what to forge extra, speed, range or whatever which is now not possible to improve (like resistance for some kind of damage). I would definitely increase their range, to make them worth using again in offense. But honestly I don’t expect a change. 

And please, if there is a new release, no more upgrades of existing stuff by adding more levels. 


A 4th perk slot is more likely, you don’t want to break someone’s account because they chose to add piercing resistance instead of range to a unit/spell.

Anyway, for v4, get rid of skulls in chest during wars, set proper perking limits, add combined raids against a common enemy mode.

Refresh alliance wars, this drives most of the players to stay and play, treat it with respect, there’s so much that can be made better for generals (auto shield top 8, player stats) and made better (more dynamic fields, better/more rewards)

Because we need a 4.0 update? The game is broken already. No thanks.

Actually I would prefer just and update where they really fixed the pro league problems, the continuous crashes during the alliance wars, and when they achieve a better balance between offense and defense.

You guys realise there’s 3.9 between 3.8 and 4.0, right?

As for content in whatever update cometh, I expect some new way to pick wallets of those bringing their wallets into the game. Because money, obviously. Who cares about y’all suggestions and ideas. :slightly_frowning_face:

Just pray no new level for alliance tower I’m sick of those 

not if it’s a big update. It’ll skip right to 4

There are some people complaining about how much gold they need to keep all the boost actives at the same time, indeed someone open a thread in this forum asking them for decreasing the price of the boosts so FG probably will add 2 or 3 new alliance level to solve this and make us spend more gems on leveling the tower  :lol: :lol: :lol:

FG answer: Buy the super cheap alliance subscription ??

Will it skip to 5 if it’s a Really Really Big Huge Gargantuan Hunk Of An Update? :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I remember someone estimating update dates before and it’d seem they’re behind schedule somewhat?

Flare is never sick of those. :lol: And you can’t blame them, with top teams immediately spending their local currency whenever new levels are announced.

No lol. The big updates go up to the next 0.5. Patch updates move up 0.1 each time.


Well, whatever update/upgrade or patch: release patch notes that’s all I like to see.

I am betting the upgrade will have a new level of the Thrown Room/Taverns. We could use a good fix for Video-Ads in general… (yeah, I know I like to dream).

Perhaps a reset of the [id]</a:Key><a:Value>some digits and letters</a:Value> on FG ads-system would be nice as some of us might get Video-Ads once again (aka for those when the VungleSDK workaround does not work either).

Then again, it’s a surprise so bring it on.

I, too, would prefer not to have new things to build.  I’m getting sick of getting to max and not having any time to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of just fighting wars, ninja, festivals and pro league – as if that weren’t enough.

I’d prefer to have them release a major bug fix.

Perhaps they’ll give big change for all character? new looks.