no offers for tavern

no offers for taverns during contest;  really.  that;s bullshit

You should send a ticket to support about your problem, they’ll try and help you out

May be they should increase the production of gold in taverns, its soo low

As all 4 farms can full our silo in once 

But all 4 taverns with maxed can’t fill quarter .

True, but you use bread to get gold. If you have all your taverns maxed and flare changed it to where it fills it up 75%, it basically ruins the whole point of attacking…again! I think a quarter is a fair portion to give. You should have to work for your gold!

Can be fun to have better taverns but however like AK said is true. Think about it. If we was able to collect 2 or 3 Millions in a day. Just to watch some free chest at 1 Millions and in 2 days you can collect easy 15 Millions to upgrade your stuffs. Same just with the free chest you can do it. So if you add too much gold in taverns what will be the point to raids and play RR2?

Same new players will have just to focus on taverns and max them collect gold and improve stuffs. So they wlll not do War Season, not participating in Ninja Event. You will kill RR2 with this.

So right now a maxed taverns give additional gold but not too much to allow you to do your raids

Well actually with maxed taverns and boosting them you can easily get 5 o 6 millions per day (if you are able to boost them 24h even more). So with some free chests yo can get from 9 to 12 million in just one day without raiding. Of course that would mean that you have to collect gold regularly and protect the gold but is still posible right now.

I will try this way to obtain gold. Because RR2 is too much dead right now to find gold. No one play anymore in 1000-2000 trophy range. at 20k-80k you cannot do anything

So my only way is focus to max my taverns and after reach level 90-100 the most faster and accumulute free chest for 1 million each.

I wanted to show on my Youtube how to upgrade fast all stuffs and max all before 90 but RR2 is dead and what I wanted to show like i did with my previous channel. that scrap my Youtube Channel a little. I cannot longer be able to do it. Raid at 1 Million or 2 Million are now impossible. same at 400k or 500k is impossible

I don’t think 4.0 will solve this problem. But I cross my finger like Flare have said in Chapter that the king become rich. So a new way to produce gold or obtain gold. So until then I will upgrade my taverns only. Nothing else I can do