No offers on windows 10


Ign: Dena Ann    At this time most of my players who use windows 10 is not getting adds. We are seeing no offers at this time. We have tried numerous fixes from past none is helping us. We need help from flare to fix this issue.


I still have no adds please help me fix this Ign: Dena Ann 


If you try to start Microsoft Solitaire, can you watch videos there?

If there are videos I still would advice you to follow my schedule one more time.

  • Close the game
  • Open a command prompt with administrator permission
  • Type wsreset
  • Let it run for a while (Microsoft Store will open)
  • close the command window.
  • delete video folder
  • Keep that Windows folder open where you just did delete or rename the VungleSDK folder
  • Open the game
  • Try to watch a video. If this doesn’t work, check if that Vungle SDK now has a file that grows (size should be > 0)
  • If so, videos should work once again
  • When not, try to make US-English your regional language

Hope it helps.