No Perks in Pro League

In playing the pro league, the FTB video shows a heal aura (which makes a huge difference). Under ‘battle mastery’ I have nothing and while playing I don’t have any perks. I most certainly do not get the heal aura. Am I doing something wrong or is this a nasty bug? I actually paid for some of these tickets and feel rather cheated. Laetulos

I have the same spells, spells do not work properly, and the aura does not cure flares, nothing cares about pro-league. @FTB@Nikko
please do something with it.

My insta monk don’t heal at war (raid), heal only come from shield/heal spell, which is not adequate against current war boosts (uber lt, deadly). Feel it even at test defense. Scroll war huh ?

You’ve been looking at the wrong video. There are some differences between the first survival cup (a few months back) and the current one. In FTB’s most recent video on Survival Cup there is no heal aura (same for everyone) but there is a bela pal.