No PL rewards again

Topic says it all 

Same here, and we don’t know anything about tomorrow PL, indeed the game shows me that it’s going to be phoenix cup again…

Lol for FG…no rewards again

LOL :wink:

First time this happened to me, but yeah no chests here either. Not even the ingame announcement appeared.


The Great Jimingos alliance got no rewards either. 

It seems that my computer is not broken

Let’s make a report -_-

Count me in. And game shows still phoenix cup next time? ???

me neither.

no chest for FAQ too. 

I received them a minute ago.

yes chests are arrived, and as an extra reward game is crashing nonstop :rolleyes:

Yes the reward arrived ?

Yup, confirm.

Arrived :slight_smile:

I’m sure they are delaying the rewards to check for cheaters first. The confirmation is probably done manually.

got my rewards ?

Arrived later than usual, but yeah they’re finally here.  :wink: