No Pro League information

I guess Pro Leagues are becoming like the Pro Pals? No information can be found lol. Why were we not given a PL announcement? I had to watch @sizcoksunuzBenTurk’s PL video to understand what the troops and spells were. We need to know beforehand what the PL’s will include

its the weekend so don’t expect any information for this PL. Very Sad. they scamp the work. they wanted to go at home too fast. Their day are off

I think the reason they didn’t put it up is because it is a Pro League that has already been played 3 or 4 times before. However, this doesn’t excuse not putting the information out there. We should’ve had this information 24 hours before the PL started

Same if its the same so? what the excuse? they really think everyone who go in Latest Update and check one by one each page just to look each Pro League if one of them is the same. Really? no thanks. They should have take 10 minutes and add it. If they was too much in a hurry situation to go home. At least they should have do it yesterday

So? we must check a youtube to know the set up? Weird…

the Setup for the one who want to know it :

Marksman Cup

Froster,Cannon and Mortar. insta Archer

Hammerstrike,Shield and Sword Rain


First on twitter handle - Check out @royalrevolt’s Tweet:

Then on facebook page too. 





Hi, there were so many Official Announcements yesterday and it was a busy day, I sinply forgot to share it here as well! Sorry about that! shame on me. Posted it now!


Better later then never :slight_smile:

First of all please dont feel sad. Its totally okay. We all are humans. Mistake happens.

And yeah those are the best people who admit their mistakes. You are one of them. We are proud for having you as our CM. 

Have this chocolates for now and chill  :wink:

Lol, totally understand Madlen! I myself was caught up in the update and didn’t even notice that there wasnt a PL announcement lol. See? You weren’t the only one who forgot

U do a great job here ! keep it up. U love choc ? me too ?

P.S. get well ?!


Delicious…is that your own personal chocolate fountain? Cause it’s epic!

Yes that’s mine ??

mistake happen. We are human after all not robot