No Pro League Reward Complaints...real?

We’ve had many problems with getting no Pro Chests. Never EVER has this happened to me…one time we got 2 extra chests for the frustration…is there any way people are making this up just to get extra chests? Thoughts

P.S. sorry if anyone gets offended by this :wink: , it’s just a thought, not an accusation

you know it’s boring repeat same things over and over and not get listened, that might be the problem why people stop after a while  :slight_smile:

I guess Flare could notice if suddenly all players ‘make something up’ or there indeed was an issue with rewards :slight_smile:

Actually got mine on time this one… first time in a month I think 

I play on PC, so it’s likely it’s only a problem with Tablet and Phone

In my case I have had this problem only in the last two PL, and I always have played on the same device. Last week I finally get the chests after a while… This week will see :stuck_out_tongue: .

Wow, sorry to hear that. Based on the thought that everyone is telling the truth, everyone should get an extra chest (for those that did have problems).

And what can we do in this case? I ask because we have in our alliance a player who has this problem. He did not receive the PRO League chests and crystals.