No Pro league rewards or Participation


I have yet to receive any rewards on the Pro League rewards from yesterday which have made the participation cost be considered useless

However, the most important bug that i have noticed is that i am unable to Participate in the pro league!!


This is an outrage, i have never done anything against the policy and have always played the game properly like how its supposed to be played and consider myself an experienced raider! 

So why ban?

Last pro league i scored rank 17th in the monthly while the month before that i scored Rank 16th in the pro league

I email the support team and receive no response. With the weekend approaching and the knowledge of their being no reply till at least mid-next week, i do question why i play this never ending problem week after week!


Please look into my case, and also the many other cases all over the game over all the Alliances!




Hello! We are aware of the rewards issue and investigating in pursuit of a solution.

About your inability to play in Pro-League, that seems to be a separate issue and we request you to try to solve it with our Support staff, please. 

Sorry for the troubles.