No pro league rewards

Hallo @Nikko @FTB

Again…NO pro league rewards.

Please check.Thanks



me neither.

And next pro league is the phoenix cup again… 

me neither  :angry:

Ahhahaha +

+999 :slight_smile:

I received them a minute ago.

Bonsoir je n 'ai pas eu un non plus plus de récompense hebdomadaire pour la ligue



Several alliance members did not get rewards from pro league.


After the problem with the connection, now I don’t get the rewards for pro league.

@PaSte Now connection is fixed. However… NO PROLEAGUE REWARDS?? was waiting on my boxes…???

Yup. No pro rewards. Some got it before the connection issue. If you didn’t get it then. You don’t have it now. 

@GalaMorgane @flaretara

Server maintenance done. But now players that couldn’t connect are missing PL crystals and rewards.  

Wonderful ?

nothing surprises us anymore :slight_smile:  

Nessun premio lega pro. Si prega di risolvere 


Lega pro…nessuna ricompensa.

I’ve got my rewards. No connectivity problems either (before they fixed too). No problems for me, perfectly fine