No pro rewards , no chests or pro boosts

No pro boosta or chests for our alliance
Alliance Name:“The Lost Sheep”
My IGN: “Mighty Anurag1”

Hi Mighty,
You didn’t put any text in your bug ticket?

Lol…new forum is difficult to get used to …m trying :joy::joy:

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No worries, it is just a template to help users filling in bug tickets.
Sorry to hear you still didn’t get the boosts even after the blind fix we tried with the last live server update. I will forward it to the team.
For activating the boost itself, you have to contact our customer service though here:

Thank you!

During war boost going off 2nd time in the war. Last war we lost pro jesters fr a day. Its a very big loss. I will contact customer support

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Hey Mighty,
This is just in, the rewards came in a few minutes later today. Could you please check if you happended to receive them?

Hey Madlen,
Yeah we received them.


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