No proleague participation after patch.

  1. All heroes in my account cannot join the pro league.

Hi freshmen,

Could you please send us your in-game name? Thanks in advance.

  1. It is job duties to send back the contents already sent by e-mail.
  2. Is this the only organization that answers the bulletin board?
  3. What about the personal rewards that you have not been able to participate in the professional league twice?
  4. I didn’t use bugs.
  5. I have a 싱싱한청년/싱싱한촌놈/싱싱한삼촌 account.

The Dungeon Cup is also not participating.
Fix the error, please. 
I failed to participate in three pro leagues.

You admit that you use multiple accounts. Are you aware that having multiple accounts is not allowed.

It can lead to a pro league ban and reason why you no longer can participate in Pro Leagues.


Did you have an official announcement that you cannot play pro leagues with multiple accounts?
Please send me the link.


Please read carefully. -service/

1.1 You shall not have more than one account at any given time…

I think that explains to you that multiple accounts aren’t allowed/tolerated. So here you have a reason why your accounts could be banned from pro league.

Please don’t use greater fonts, it isn’t pleasant reading and looks like you are screaming at us. 

There is no official announcement.

This was always a rule by Flaregames, that you: “You shall not have more than one Account at any given time”… since this gives you an obvious advantage compared to other players.

I’ll quote here one of the answers by our previous CM, GalaMorgane, when the “scandal” broke the forum.

Here you go:



Hi freshman,

I have already asked you in this thread to contact customer support. :slight_smile: They can give you more information on your account. Thank you.;comment=248099

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