No rewards cq

I kicked a player after conquest was finished for more as an hour, but he didn’t get rewards, this doesn’t look right to me.Can you fix this? His ign: fallen angel, alliance Earth commander, i let him in again in hope it would help him to get his rewards

This is not a bug. Any player kicked during conquest will not get the reward, even if you invite him back before conquest ends.

I kick him after conquest, and hour after conquest, i already donated the palls

Hi Aukje9,

If the player “fallen angel20” did not log in during the time between the end of the conquest and the moment he was kicked from the alliance he would also not receive any rewards. Therefore do you know whether “fallen angel20” did log in after the conquest end and before he got kicked from the alliance?

I asked and he did indeed not log in in between ? but think this still not fair, he helped in CQ otherwise would have kicked him before cq was end

Is it written somewhere? Is possible to give him still the rewards? Its not fair that it depends if he comes online or not 

Sorry to hear that. No, this is not written somewhere, this is an edge case. But I will add it to the Conquest overview thread in the Faq section.

Thanks for making us aware. I will forward the feedback to the developers.

OK, at least thanks for the answers

Anytime. :slight_smile: