No rewards from conquest

Hi @flareagames

Again no rewards to all alliance from conquest… I think as I know your buggy developers i should write post already before event end?

Yes friend… I too didn’t receive them. Whenever pro league gets completed, the very next seconds, the rewards appears on the screen! But in conquest we need to wait for at least 2 PROtesting days ?

Same… no comment…(speechless,…)

Same??? No rewards… No results…9 days of crappola you should have this fixed here on the 3rd try.  Alliance : KUSKA 


The same issue, neither results window nor awards

ziadne odmeny


Got back into the game and saw the results screen and received the chests. It seems to be fixed now :slight_smile:

Not for all, i still didn’t get the rewards… (neither the result screen), the strange thing is that some of the player from my alliance did receive the rewards now….


Received them now