No royal guardian chest for low tiers

Why u made no royal guardian chest for low conquest reward tier , it sucks.


Chest should be for every tier


So why not get stronger and move up a tier?

I appreciate your answer cuz maybe u r a strong player in a strong alliance but the point is that , new things are just introduced and that should be available for all , atleast for the startup and they could have put chests with low reward of the Same variety and moving high tiers takes ages , u know that , don’t u?!"

We are getting a Guardian chest every (hopefully) 8 hours.  We don’t know if the ones from conquest are the same or better types.

Also right now an alliance can stay at a lower tier and just dominate the opponents, hopefully this will encourage some alliances to move up that had avoided it.

U get 3 max and for 4 chests u don’t need to sleep .

Still they could have added the guardian chest with low reward and I know that some allies hide in low tiers to dominate score , but the current matchmaking is a heck , it was ok like before as we have the ninja tiers, I will stay firm to my topic and also I know it won’t make a difference to flares since they r making pay to buy luck and now it’s even mess since we need same types of guardians to upgrade by food ; unlike pals.

Seems like a good incentive to keep improving your alliance tier in the Conquest.

Would have rather just kept the pearl chest 

I prefer donating pals than mounts at the moment

I prefer getting Voucher chests than that Royal Guardian chests. We already got that chest for free per 24 hours (or per 8 hours if you connect to facebook)… we can even buy it from shop too and that’s enough for me. ?


from a player who play at Veteran Scouts tier Conquest

I don’t want this Royal Guardian pseudo chest. Please add voucher chests in novice tiers and up. For me voucher have more value than else. Or should I be forced to move out of my alliance to join a alliance below?

Guardian chest might give the same amount of pearls.Who knows!

Well the stronger the alliance mean the more they donated to the game so it maybe the same reason why no pro chest at lower tier . But the voucher chest in low tier is a pretty good stuff compare to how they value it as low tier stuff since as far as you play the game, voucher became more rare,you only get like 20 when you are extremely lucky in cof or your friend spend real money so it should be a better thing to be happy about than upset because of guardian chest.