No sale off items when buying gems!!!

Yesterday, i’ve bought gems from shop to buy sale off items. But when i completed buying gems, the sale off item immediately disappeared and no return… Why!!! some one of game developer (Mod, smod…) pls explain to me???

Thanks a lot!

why the players, who spend money as me, I have not been treated fairly… shheeeeeeeeeeeeet

the sales will return when you level up your king and will be over once you buy a new items again

Thanks, i’ll up my level assp

Hic… i already up my king level but haven’t seen sale off items…


Three weeks after buying gems - I get 0 sales (gold, items, etc).



(of course I stiil have much gems)


The author probably much more offensive - he bought the stones for a particular thing

works fine for me :wink:

Maybe because you didn’t buy anything yet

buy items, speed up, extra equip slot, remove ruins etc


It seems that until it becomes zero gems - the sale will not be

If you buy something in granny shop even for gold , sales won’t come from what I notice.Right now sales will be over once you buy one items and will return after you level up.

I got several levels since purchase of gems


Buy several items by gems, couple by pearls


No sales!



what I meant to say is stop buying gears from granny until you got sales because if you buy something the sales wont come , dont buy any gears.I have 7.5k gems but still getting sales every level so it should be the same for everyone.


It is not exactly so…I was level 80 (and now i am 84) tha last time i saw something decent…since level 80 I had only 1 offer from level 82 to 83 (boost boots from 16,7% to 17,4%…such an offer, eh?! :angry:

might be related. I can at least disprove fii’s claim

I bought a sale item 2 weeks ago

haven’t bought any items since

level’d up last night

still haven’t had another sale


edit: however I do occasionally use gems to change items so maybe that is what is stopping the sales

And for me a sale started yesterday, but my last level up has been a while ago.

yes it took awhile to get sales after level up , it was 2 days for me when I got to level 83 but when I’m on level 81 I bought one shitty items to get the gems down to 1 and sales immediately ended , went to level 82 and got no offer

I will let you know within next couple of days then :grinning:


thanks for the info fii :slight_smile:



It comes when it comes and there are no rules to when it comes. There is a reason no flare person ever comment on such posts where we are trying to crack the code to say so.

Desi, I agree with you that it is a privilege and not a right, but i am sure that you agree with me when I say that is pretty unfair to see that some players have more than once offer per day (and offers that ARE offers and in our alliance yo see the posts) as opposed to you that got no one sale off offer since 12 weeks…


And nope, i don’t agree when you say that “there are no rules to when it comes”…it is not a random sampling…it isn’t…neither granny’s sale off offers nor slots in fortune chamber…  :slight_smile: