No Skull after battles

Dear Flares,

I’m a representative from Korea . alliance.

One of the members has repeatedly announced us a serious error to get his skull during this Warseason.

His game ID is Hyun Bro using Galaxy S7, and he hasn’t obtained any skull for his whole battles.

As we’ve faced a strong competitor to get the attractive bonus, your urgent fixing is highlyrequired for us.

Many thanks for your kind consideration.


ps) boomboom77 got skull.  But, it was obtained after repeating battles more than 6 times with a lagged response.  It is vey strange… Please check and advise us.


Have u checked?

Dear OneKorea,

We are looking into the issue. Thank you! If you have any more info that you can share with us to replicate the bug, we would highly appreciate it.

Thank you!

Hi Madlen,


I’m regret to hear from my friend that Flare couldn’t find problem on their system.  I’m still believe there was a problem as we discussed deeply to confirm the issue.

Somehow, we will report if the same issue will arise again with more detailed info.

Thanks for ur reply.