No third hero for level 19 prestige


I know you’re aware of the missing third hero for many of us that upgraded our prestige to level 19, but I thought I’d start a thread on it. Curious when this will be fixed. Also, I feel that we should have at least the 400 gems used to keep prestige blessing active re-applied to our accounts. I spent over 2,000 to level up as well, which I would never had done unless the third hero was the result. From my perspective, I don’t feel I’m getting what I paid for. I recognize that their are other benefits to the prestige blessings, but many of us including myself didn’t feel it was worth the 400/week (let alone the thousands spent to level up) to activate before war and the third hero. 

To summarize,

  1. when will the third hero situation be fixed?

  2. do you plan to give gems spent to unleash third hero back

Thanks for your time

Additionally, should Flare give our gems back, AND this issue gets fixed, I would happily reinvest them into prestige and keeping those blessings active. 

How about an update on this issue! 


The team is working on getting the issue fixed as soon as possible.

If you have any additional information such as:

Were the boosts activated all the time during the preparation phase?

When did you/the player unlocked the 3rd slot?

What were you/the player oignons exactly shortly before the war started and when it started?

Then please let us know. Any additional detail is also welcome.

Sorry for the troubles.

DrizztRay here from World’s End.

i activated my 3rd heroes shortly after the new update was released. I even chose my 3 heroes for war (instead of the default 3 heroes chosen by game)

when war begins, I can’t use my Achilles but can only use my other 2 heroes.

i do agree with the OP here and expect to be compensated and for this current war to be null and void. 

Hi Alsea,

I had my boosts active and third hero unlocked a few hours before the prep phase. As for what I was doing, nothing different. Just fighting to level up my three Heros. Hopefully that helps, but I really feel we should be compensated for this. Prestige boosts are nice, but totally not worth it until the third hero for war option. There are at least 11 of us in Worlds End that had this happen. Let me know if Ican get you any other info. 


quick question as you might see this before I can talk to you… Did you join war after it had started?  or where you ingame as soon as war started?   In other words, did you have game open at time of first strike?


After. I think it started 3:00am my time. 

In addition to what LBH and Drizz said, you have to take in account the loss of points in war for all that have the hero bug so they are loosing in war spoils AND in top of that what the alliance loose in terms of points in the war.

For our alliance, with 11 members with this problem it’s a considerable loss in terms of Victory points  ( around 30 000 points) for the war


It appears there has been an effort to address the third hero issue for the individuals that payed but didn’t receive them. Thank you. However, I feel that the alliances should be compensated as well as the issue clearly put at least Worlds End at a disadvantage. I know some are  extremely upset and calling for the results to be nullified.  I understand This perspective,  but I don’t necessarily agree with it. I’m fine with the results of the war as I know things happen and this is just a game, but considering that we spend money on it,  that increases the importance of having the product deliver as advertised. That doesn’t necessarily mean a win, so the results are what they are. Clearly though, we would’ve earned higher blessings and a higher finish. Please consider extending a blessing or something of that nature. Overall, it was fun and I look forward to next war. 

Thank you,


Personally I have been level 21 prestige since prestige was brought into the game. I keep my prestige up all the time, it never goes down. Still I only had 2 heroes. 

War Just started but i Miss my 3th hero again.  I Have lvl 19 prestige for a Long Time maybe a month and blessings were on. I used athena (18) Achilles (16)  and Perseus (17) and the last one i cant use. 

Fix this because of this Wars get lost. Jeezzz



Same, Level 20 Prestige but Jason missing … instead, found him on home world. I accidentally activated the fleet yesterday, is that the reason ?? Anyway, very annoying to lose 33% fighting strength to some bug

Hope this helps?


Last war I had hero, only difference is last war I was one of the first to attack, This war I did same thing.

Watch countdown timer to 0,

Strike an island,

This time I left game, did not attack.  Waited about 10 mins , logged in and could not use 3rd hero Helen. 

Prestige been active for awhile now.  during pre war,  I did switch Helen out , then back in.




Had third hero in first war.

No third hero this time.


He shows up in attack screens and battle summaries, but without fury.  He does not show up in upper right corner of war page.

Beyond frustrating…

I have this bug now also in this war:

Have the prestig up all the time and also three heros in the last fight.

Now it seems, that the hero is set to the home island and is not involved in the fight anymore. Can’t use him in the alliance fight. Fix this!!!

IMG_4101.JPGWtf? -2147483644 omg…

I have the third hero but everytime I try to battle my game crashes. now I can’t participate in war. Pls fix it I don’t want to miss out.

Damn, fg, are you reading us here ??? In my alli 3 members suffer the problem of missing 3rd hero. Our war is tough enough without this handicap … quit rr2 for Olympus , now considering quitting Olympus , too 

a paying customer …

Ps: problem solved, extra boosts must last longer than war … just prolonged them for 400 dias from 2.5 days to 9 days, and there he is …