No Uber Chests

You caused a total mess just for those uber chests and as a result the addition of new levels. And now we don’t get uber chests as reward in the current war??!

Are you kidding me?

Uber chests were never intended to become a permanent prize for war seasons. It’s clear that Flare made them more as a social thing. You should check last two wars’ conditions, the first one specified uber chests as reward and the second one promised more chests for prizes, those are the reasons why we had uber chests available to get in war the first two seasons we had after their release. So I think it’s nothing to be angry about.

Well, at least these annoying “Friend Uber Chests” are gone.

Kind of disturbing to see them Shining on the center on my game sky.

We were talking about uber chests for wars. And I was wrong, this war conditions also mention more chests and yet we have no uber chests as prizes this time…


The Uber Chests in war were in the previous season.

In the current season you can win more Magic Chests.

Why add a new feature in this game and just show it in the first wars? What’s the aim of uber chest? A new type of type of chest that we cannot get unless we pay? 


The Uber Chests will be present in every second War Season.

So no worries, you will see the Uber chests in war again :grinning:

For such action to put uber chests in a war season yes and one not make me think that they are scared we collect too many crappy things  :lol: