no update in windows

what’s this flares??

no update then why you did server maintenance

I want answer of that @Madlen

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Ich habe auch das Problem, ich hoffe das klappt heute, weil nach dem Turnierstart … Bitte antworten @Madlen


Your problem is Windows 8.1. I don’t know if that App store is the problem or not. I am not sure if any new releases will be available there or not. 

At the moment it seems that they are only available for Windows 10. An alternative is installing bluestacks and play on Android. 

upgrading to windows 10 is very costly now as it’s not free . flares should fix this lot’s of my money gone in this game and now this hapeening.

you can still upgrade to windows 10 for free just google for it, and it is not illegal. It is not official anymore, but Windows themselfs still offer it.
If Windows 8.1 is the Problem, just upgrade to 10

send me the link for it.

I have seen that also, here is the link



upgrading windows takes long time and larger data also my data can lost. flares fix this get us update in windows 8.1

It also does not work over Facebook.

Edit: it works now - not need to do something on my side.

Wrong. totally wrong. If you search and take time to search on google then you can find Windows 10 all version for free. Just find .iso or .esd and bingo. try to find Windows 10 Spring Creator and install it. If you are resourceful you should find everything you need to download it and install it

  • Find it and download it

  • Cover with the tool they give with the .esd to form .iso

  • Burn it on a DVD 4 GB

  • Restart your PC and install it


I am generous I spare you time to search :

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my net is slow even after using 4G I tried this same installing it but no success and also this game is also for windows 8.1 so flares should fix it now as many of players around world are using 8.1 and didn’t got update you can see their posts in facebook and here also.

Hello Shivam,

I have just issued a statement about it. Please check here:


Hey @shivam6, I answered you in one of your threads

I hope this helps:


Ah that’s sad i liked this game!

No Madlen, this is wrong. You can  supply updates to already published Win 8.1 apps till 2023. For phone it ends earlier :

We are aware of this blog, thank you. But we also have some additional information from MS. However, that’s why I have not confirmed that it is the case, only that it might be and that’s why we are waiting for a 100% confirmation from MS. This still includes the option that the problem is something else on MS’ side.

What is really unfortunate for the Windows 8.1 users,  we cannot do something about it at the moment except for waiting until MS get back to us.


What is really unfortunate is that Flaregames did the same thing with the last release to 4.0.  There were troubles for the Win 8.1 users, Flare blamed Microsoft, then the problem was solved.  If it was a Flare problem, it should not happen again.  If it was an MS problem, Flare should have worked with MS before the release to make sure there was not a problem.

Sorry Madlen.  Either way it is Flares fault.  And to do the release right before the Conquest starts and not give yourself time to fix problems is really silly.

@madlen - you know what is *really* unfortunate… that I have spent the last 3+ years of my life playing this game (RR2) and now I have basically LOST it all!  Upgrading to Windows 10 is not an option for me.  I am now left with a tile on my desktop that is equivalent to a lot where a house once stood before it was swept up by a tornado.  I have bared up for years with Flare making changes and updates that weren’t fair or helpful, but this just takes the cake.  So you may or may not be able to tell, but I am extremely distraught about losing all my work and the wonderful kingdom that I had made.  SHAME ON YOU FLARE!!!   smh.



@Dae, check out this thread below.

We’ve been giving some solutions

Do not give up yet buddy! :grinning: