No update to windows 8.1

I play to windows 8.1 ,the wicrosoft store dont have any update  for the game

The game dont load any more as it cant do the update

What i can do for that ,players with windows 8.1 cant play anymore ?


Microsoft store ,sorry for the typing mistake


Sorry to hear about your issue. We made a post explaining a little bit more the situation. I encourage you to flick through.

Hope this answer your question.

Many thanks,


I saw the post Gala,i didnt knew that players with windowds 8.1 will not be able to play at all .

Microsoft cant help with the update as long the new update is no supported to windows 8.1

Goodbye to all the players and the RR2 Team .I wish the best  for all in real life and lot of fun in game

Try it now :slight_smile:  

It should now update for Windows store, does on mine.

Unfortunately RR2 took a day off us, with 4 hours of our precious ninja event gone? Could you extend the NInja Event to compensate for this? @GalaMorgane

It was on Microsoft’s part , so report to Bill Gates :grinning:

Thank you abrada ,i just saw your reply it did the update :slight_smile: