No update....

i play on a windows 8.1 laptop…today…there is a new update…but mine is not updating…even if i checked…the windows store…please help…


Mine already updated, I don’t know what can be wrong with yours…

I have Windows 8.1 too,I don’t find any updates.

Please Flaregames help us to understand where is the problem.



It may take longer to be available in some countries, so please be patient.

Hi all I had this problem too. Here is the solution:

  1. Leave the Store and go to settings then App Settings

  2. Go to Store Settings

  3. Press button to manually Check for Updates

  4. Go back to the actual Store (not settings)

  5. A little number should appear top right telling you how many new updates you have. Tap this number.

  6. RR2 update should be on that list.

Hi Phage,this solution is for Windows 8.1 desktop or Windows Phone?

Windows phone running 8.1

I have Windows desktop,btw the update has arrived a few hours ago.

Thanks anyway for your help.

yeah…the update arrived in less than a day…i was just so worried not being able to play this game anymore…well before the update…i can still play it…but no daily chest…thanks flare… :slight_smile: