No video chest rewards +other issues


I’ve had these issues for a while now.

Playing on two Android phones (mate 9 and mate 10 Pro) across two accounts. And via either my home WiFi or via my mobile network data ,My main account Sir Stuart (in Weed the People) and my baby account Little Stu (founder, Dorsetshire)

Neither seems to be getting video chests although I hardly bother with Little Stu, but certainly my main account isn’t getting rewards, I watch the video, get the notification that the rewards will be soon and nothing arrives. I must of not got about 20…I didn’t notice for ages as I hardly play other than log in daily and do my duty in wars, but I do rely on the video chests to help me farm gems for celestial boosts.

I also suffer from locked games, typically at the loading screen after starting a battle or once a battle has ended, chests opened and then it locks up, I have to close the game and end it on the device, reload it and start again… It’s done this for months now on all devices.

Screenshot of my main account as I can’t actually type my name as I can’t get a Russian keyboard! 

I would love to change my name to just Sir Stuart, but support said months ago this “wasn’t possible” 

Of course it is, they just choose not too… So if possible, please could you change it?

Many thanks,



So I posted here as it’s supposed to be seen by those that know, but no acknowledgement yet.

Could you please flag this @Madlen ?


Hi Stuart,

The bug section is typically read by our testers, they will get back to you asap. :slight_smile:

  • Regarding the name change it is a support question, so you were correct to contact support.

As for your other issues, it would always help to follow the guidelines above (device etc…) to give some additional insight to the testers.

Thank you!

Did you try to clear the device’s cache?


I have tried clearing my cache, all apps and specifically  OR. Nothings working.

My point in another thread has been nicely proved, basically I’ve got nowhere, got a nice reply (thanks) but I’ve still got the same issues.

I’m sorry, but it’s really not good enough, I’ve been with the game since it’s inception and have paid money towards it (yes I believe in paying towards a game if you enjoy it, developers have to be paid) so for the likes of me to be basically ignored and left feeling like OR/Flare don’t care isn’t exactly helping me stick with the game.

Hi StuartMc1,

First of all, sorry for replying that late ?

We’ll look into the issues :grinning: