No Video Offers

“You have no offers at the moment, please try again later”

I have been getting this message now for what feels like a week.  Several other of my team mates are getting it as well. 

How soon until Videos are available again?

The players that are not getting Video Offers right now in my alliance are all US based and play on PC. 

You play on Windows you say? this you can do with vunglesdk folder

. After erasing that folder, open game and retry. Could be that it still not works immediately. Go back to the vunglesdk folder and check the file size. Is it more than 0kb? Then log off and retry 5-10 minutes later. There are your videos,

You can also reset the windows store cache in case it doesn’t work. Close the game. Open a command prompt (cmd) as administrator. Enter command Wsreset

Wait for several minutes, microsoft store screen opens when ready. This should bring your video back.

That worked!!!

Thank You

Dena Your suggestion worked perfectly for me and one of my other team mates.  I have a 3rd teammate who is really not good with computers, (he’s 80), is there another solution that could help him.  Will this eventually correct itself for him?

You can also use teamviewer and do it for him. All he needs to do is install a free version of it (you also) and share ID plus password. So that you can take over his screen and do it for him. There are tutorials for teamviewer. I use it to take over clients/servers of customers and fix problems (I am database specialist and work in IT).

Yes, eventually it will be corrected for him, but it’s not that hard, you managed to do it, so can he. It’s not that hard, like you also figured out. 

Glad to read it worked. 

Good luck with your videos

Cool, thanks Dena4!