No war for my alliance

After the war started it said not enough opponents alliances were present.

Now when I press the war button it says nothing.

Any advice or ideas about what to do next?

What’s your alliance?

Sorry I forgot

Alliance name: Romania Empire


So you currently only have 8 members, which is enough for war unless they changed something. Did you have fewer than 8 at the very start of war? Was someone inactive and logged in after war started maybe?

No, nothing changed. I think.

I mean no one left no one arrived.

I’d post this in the bugs forum. Sounds weird.

Forwarding this to the bug /technical issue section. Sorry you are experiencing trouble Florin. :slightly_frowning_face:

Did somebody of you Alliance turned inactive?

I’m thinking it might have been something like that, or an inactive player logged in after war started, so it made it look like they had 8 actives when they really only had 7 for the start of war.

It’s always risky to be so close to ineligibility for the start of war!