No war/Ninja/conquest this coming Friday?

I know there is a festival starting on Thursday but usually it doesn’t affect the Ninja/war schedule. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be any scheduled war/Ninja/conquest event. Unless… There’s going to be another war starting this Friday?

Maybe a festival is now part ot the rotation schedule (4 game types every month).

I’d be fine with a war-festival-ninja-conquest rotation (in any order). There should also be an event rotation so that you know what’s when and you don’t waste 5 days worth of upgrades so that you don’t overlap the eventual event (which ends up not what you were waiting for so waiting was pointless).

War is still happening, developers need time to fix Conquest, so IF there’s any change to have an event this Friday, it can only be Ninja Event.


Thus, IF ninja is going to happen, I suggest Madlen (non tagging) to announce it early, lest players WILL also come and complain why Flare didn’t tell them earlier so they can get back to the trophy tier they desire.

Hi @Madlen


I know you don’t really like people to tag, but it would be so kind of you to help answer if there’s Ninja/Conquest/War tomorrow (Friday) (Usually, in this game, festivals don’t interfere with the scheduling of Ninja/War event)


Hi guys, there is no war or Ninja event starting tomorrow.

Is it possible to reschedule a Ninja event for next week? We’re fighting with the same ninja for 1 month so far and will do so for another 5 weeks. Poison ninjas are not as good and we’re really missing pearls and Uber chests from Ninja event. If the rewards for conquest would have been great, I wouldn’t mind but right now I’m low on pearls for tomorrow’s BS event.



Hey Madlen,

May I know why Ninja event is postponed for such a long time? There is no official answer / announcement on schedule either.

A new Conquest is going up on Wednesday so I don’t think a Ninja on friday will be possible.


There was an official answer and it was announced.

I don’t have the link though. Check the forums and you’ll find it.

Check the date when my message was written.