No wars during Christmas time

Hi guys,


Not just because of incidences in France but due to my thinking as well I will not fight during Christmas time (from 23rd to 27th of December) as well as I did not in last year, because that is the time to be with family in peace.


I ask you Flare not to start a war season during that period.


I know in different religions there are other times for that, so please, write here your suggestions.


Thank you, regards,

I don’t think there should be any war over Christmas. Those who don’t celebrate for whatever reason or those who don’t have much to do will get a load of fiefdoms for nothing. So to those who work hard to maintain them deserve to have them safe when its clearly the time of year for family

Dont celebrate Xmas but yeah I agree we should have no war on Xmas


Very good idea :slight_smile:

Option to the leaders choose if the ally will or not participate in-game. :wink:

I celebrate Christmas too. I agree with this  :slight_smile:



yes dear friends you are right.l tell you friendship game rr2




Instead of war, flare should put Santa Claus to fly over the bases, where kings were good guys over the year, and give some gifts. :wink:

Give a 2 week break for end of December.   Give people time to upgrade those farms or other long projects.

Bad idea

And also on New Years, Valentines Day, Fourth of July, Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Labor Day and when I’m on vacation.


In all seriousness, I don’t see how we can ask Flare to change their schedule based on one religion or one country’s holidays when it is an international game.  We’d wind up having no wars.  If you can’t play, don’t play and don’t sweat it.  If you can, take advantage of it.

Oh, really? So, flare should also cut the events, right? Like the christmas one (because it’s relegion) and the others.

I think this topic has been created due to the horrible incident happened in France and linked to our emotions, the thing of “no-war during Christmas” pop-up as emotional consequence. But if we have to talk in practice i don’t know why it shouldn’t be done a War during Christmas time. Other people that couldn’t celebrate Christmas, they may not care of it and maybe, at the opposite, would not be fair for them not doing war that they wish to do.

It’s not about excluding other holidays. It’s about an important holiday for many families and the time spent together. Maybe even half of players here celebrate Christmas in some way. No one wants to feel like they can’t be there for their team on that day. If other holidays have the same time demands, we should take them into account, too. Many of us like being able to focus completely on our families during the holidays.

On chinesse new year too :stuck_out_tongue:

Now all want war break on their local holiday


Ummm, no. That’s not even close to the point I made.  If we start selecting days when we can’t have wars there would be no wars because there is almost always a holiday going on somewhere that prevents a large number of people from fighting.  I specifically mentioned a lot of non-religious holidays, as well.