No Wave Event!

I’ve been waiting eagerly for the past, say, 5 events, for a wave event to come up, to no avail. This is probably the fourth time the stupid alliance party thing has come up. They just want us to buy gems to feed greedy flare, and instead let us pay all the gold and effort and time to get an extra 2 morale points on our waves.


I want a wave event!!

Well alliance party event are not stupid. For free players like us it helps us to upgrade our alliances for much lesser gems :slight_smile:

A wave event is a bad idea. The waves should be build up permanently. So most of the people would miss that event.

I mean more or less Flaregames baiting you to buy gems by saying that 'if you buy gems, all your alliance will get gem packages, each containing 5 gems! yahoo!’

Alliance party is lame we just had cheaper and faster alliance tower 2 events ago

Granny 3 month ago

Too true.

The most common events will be somehow connected to cash-milking: buying more gems from flares. Blacksmith, alliance party etc.


But I do like this alliance event, cause it lets all the free players a good chance to upgrade their allitowers.

i love this event last time i had 8 players upgrade their towers …this time im hoping for the same…the bloody boosts r costly and this event helps

The problem with the last event was, that it didn’t reduce the upgrade times to max 6 hours.

I couldn’t do all the upgrades, only two were possible. Now i do the rest, going to 250k.

And 500k isn’t too far away. I’m a free player, btw. :grinning:

dungeons for 250 + 500 + 1000 gems, 1150 in quest rewards and 750 in vouchers soon.

But i need the alliance parties for not waisting gems …


On the other hand: the last thing i need as a lowish level player (81) is a crazy granny :stuck_out_tongue:

Give me offense boost, XP event, castle event, defense boost etc.

Well its already been 2 buildings events in a row and now a 3rd… and this tower was already in the event 2 events ago


3 months since granny… wtf


Well, they did the same sequence as last fall, but inserted some completely new events (like blacksmith event).

So this was the alliance party as expected and the next one would be the granny and offense boost afterwards.


BUT: They may insert new events, depening on the upcoming update. So the granny may be delayed. Otherwise

it’s due for the gap after the next war season …



Thanks for the info :slight_smile: