No Way to Track Player Participation in the Conquests

Again Flare has a terrible terrible lack of useful information in the Conquests.

In the War Season I could go to player rewards and see who was contributing skulls. 

And the players who weren’t trying got kicked! 

There’s no list of skull contributions in the Conquest!

And #&$& you I’m not adding them all up from all 100 wars!

what we did was we loaded up the players we KNEW were going to help, with troops before leaving the gate.  As they went out and fought, we’d give 'em more troops at the towers.  Those who were new or known to contribute occasionally, we’d only assign say 20.  As they left the stronghold, we’d give them more but those who never left showed in the stronghold with only 20 troops the whole time.  A few of them simply didn’t understand what they had to do and once we went over it  with them, MOST of them participated. As this was new and fairly unexplained  to all of us, I think most are gonna get a pass, but we’ve noted those who did nothing or even responded to communications, and we’ll deal with them accordingly.  For now, we’re giving all a “pass”.   I think we only had 3 or 4 that ended up never leaving the base, which I guess is better than I expected.


Why cannot do like War Season? add the skulls number for each battle and the total of skulls at the end. so the one who do nothing. Bye bye.

Conquest Mode need huge long list of improvement

  • Change cooldown system

  • Add skulls number of each player

  • change the horrible 1d or 2d look by something more 3d

etc… the list is very long

I don’t find this to be a workable solution.

This is you doing the best you can with a bad situation.

It’'s still a bad situation.

We need something that counts the total number of skulls a player brings in for the season.


I see what you’re saying Maerique, but it wouldn’t take into account those players who are told to sit and help guard a tower or provide backup.  Just because they weren’t involved in fights doesn’t mean they didn’t provide an important function to the team.  That’s all I’m saying.  There’s a lot they dropped the ball on with this.  Hopefully they’ll make it right before the next one.


I think they could aggregate several types of statistics for each player on a tab, just like the “War Season History”, but better. For example:

  • Total skulls won (to know the best overall attackers/defenders)
  • Total tiles traveled (to know a good scout/detect afks)
  • Number of Watchtowers destroyed (to know the a good strike team)
  • Number of Watchtowers built (an active general???)
  • Maximum hours defending 1 Watchtower [or tile?](detect afks/best defenders)

It should be a MUST to have a statistical board/menu like this (or similar).

After the Conquest is over, decisions have to be made and what better way to take conclusions than to have access to the final statistics?

Feel free to adjust my suggestion bullets or even suggest other stats.

Now that’s a truly great stats system!

Yeah ShadowsGuardian’s idea is good. Another useful statistic would be how long a player was online throughout the event (or accessed the conquest map, if you need be really specific) - combined with troop/rock/book donations and distance traveled would give insight if said player did anything at all or just sat the event out.

I actually would use this statistic against a player.

I am much quicker to kick a player who’s been online and not helping than a player who has just had a life event come up and had to deal with reality.

That’s actually what I was going for. To know who’s being productive to the cause and who isn’t you need the full picture. And if a member spends hours online while contributing nothing then he isn’t of much use.

And that’s coming from someone who pretty much sat out the entire conquest - it was completely incompatible with my schedule, not to mention annoyingly tedious.

Actually, I see a lot, lot of major problems.  But I enjoyed it!