no weekly event this week ?

After update 4.0 , no weekly event  this week ? pls confirm , thanks ? @Lisa@PaSte@Pete

They may be delaying in releasing an event, until this update really gets on its feet. Right now, I’m sure they just wanna make sure it’s smooth runnings

If the delay lasts until next thursday, I’ll be angry. Just say upfront there won’t be an event this week and I won’t waste any more time than I’ve already wasted (which is workers/forges idle since, what, saturday?).

no event???

There will be one. :slight_smile:

Nice, appreciate the communication @PaSte ?

What about festivals in the futere of the game? Will there be any festivals in the futere or is this game mode a game mode from the past and there won‘t be any festivals in the futere? @PaSte

There are currently a lot of events to fill in the gaps like War, Conquest, Ninja, PL so not sure if they will be a slot opened for Festivals?

seriously needed confirmation. Thanks paste.