No words...

@Madlen Is this fun? Is this what you want to see? I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E! *Crying a lot*

I agree with you. This is just ridiculous. Playing all day and night, building watch towers just to get destroyed by higher level alliance within few hours. This Conquest War is the most disgusting thing Flare has given to players. 130 rank alliance match up against 20 rank how perfect is that? This is a complete failure, it should be removed from the game. We are happy with regular war and events.

I agree, it’s absolutely ridiculous how unfair the matchmaking has been in this Conquest

We’ve got the following matchup:

rank 10 -20

rank 125-150

rand 125-150

rank 300-350

We in the mid levels and getting wiped off the board currently.

Could not agree more. A complete failure that generates a new income stream for Flare.

Unlikely to disappear anytime soon.

I HATE CONQUEST MODE,  7 days of "what just happened"and “not again”.   ?

Yeah, sorry it was me that pushed for wiping you guys out. We needed practice for future Conquest events, sorry the matchmaking was absolutely terrible.

The algorithm to calculate next layer, just is incorrect. Who came up with the idea to base it on last three previous conquest scores? The extremes are just too much. When a team doesn’t participate three times, they can get baby alliances on the map, where players of those baby teams can be happy to score 10+ skulls in total. On the other extreme side, score high during one conquest and suffer the consequences by facing ultimate stronger teams. 

There should be a max to what a team can go up or go down in total next time. The winners from last time who scored a lot of conquest points, now face nightmare conquests. Say for yourself, how can a level 56 alliance be matched with a level 80 team? Even when that level 80 team lost miserably last time and the level 56 team won, even then they should not be matched against each other on second conquest.

A problem can be not enough layers, that’s why I suggested that number one of the conquest promotes and the number 4 demotes to a lower layer is a better solution. But then at least there should be more layers than currently is the case. 

So we definitely need another formula that prevents these extreme matchmakings. 

Its even worse now. I don’t think this is fun, even i’m on the blue side.