Noob looking for an active alliance for advice

IGN: NovaSmasher

I pretty much just started the game about a week ago (I usually play Royal Revolt but after liking Nonstop Knight as well I decided to Olympus Rising a try) and am still kinda clueless about everything. Would appreciate an alliance to give tips and advice to get me up to speed on the game.

I have like 750 trophies and still only donate 1k but I can upgrade it and will donate daily. I’m on ascension level 6, I think.

Thanks in advance, if only for the time you spent reading this post. Extra thanks, though, if you provide me an alliance :slight_smile:  

great i can help you if you want. I played this game earlier but delete it due to hard recruiting (no forums) but im back. Im gladly to help you just join chosen elites. I hope we can carry this alliance on top