Nordic Alliance is recruiting

Nordic Alliance has a stable and loyal base of players that are regularly active in wars, but we have room for more!


Many members are adults, and we have a friendly tone in our chat room and help out with what we can.  We also have a recruiting/holding alliance for those who need a break from wars or just want to focus on building for a while.  Our focus is not to be the fastest growing alliance and swap out members all the time, but to allow the members to grow together with the Alliance while having fun with the game.


We are currently looking for more regular players that meet the following criteria :


  • Min. lvl. 60

  • 50k donations (preferably)

  • Regulary participates in wars ( as several of us have jobs and families on our own, we also understand that it’s not always possible to participate in all the wars every time) 


If you feel like you will fit in, we are looking forward to seeing your application soon! :slight_smile:


Leader of Nordic Alliance,