Normal or a bug???????? ?

After long time i got this 

So i forge it 2 times  and boom,  see what i got… 


6.7 instead of 6.8…?

Is bug,  normal,  any one can tell whats spouse to be??

It is normal, if you will forge once more you will get 6.8. These values are very small and rounded off.

OMG,  even if it only second time i forge it from the start? 

The starting value might be say 6.57 (rounded to 6.6) and each forge would give you +0.08 (rounded to 0.1).

Now it goes - 

6.57 (6.6)

6.65 (6.7)

6.73 (6.7)

6.81 (6.8)


Thxxxx alot bro,  i was sure it a bug,  took me too long to get thos speed sword