North Alliance Page

After much prompting from my alliance members, I’m creating a page for our alliance on the forum.


Thanks to the members that have been around since the beginning and kept us strong for so long.  We are always looking for new members to add to our alliance and become part of the family.

We have a very active chat with members around the world so someone is always online. We test each others bases whenever we are asked to, we share gold with each other; basically, we exist to help each other advance and eventually get back into the top 10 with the rest of the great alliances out there.


We currently have 3 slots and have been upgrading the alliance about once a week to add another spot.




  • 3,700 Trophies, or as appropriate for king level and donation level
  • Hero stats appropriate to King level.  We can discuss what I mean by this.
  • Active with daily check-in
  • Donation level negotiable if there is a plan to be at 500K soon :slight_smile:
  • Willingness to stick around and build something great!

We are currently invite only because we get lovely applications from people with 600 trophies and got tired of crushing dreams.  PM me or comment here and we will find you in the game if we feel you would be a good addition to the team.


Update 3/20/2015


Based on the great donating habits of my team, and some extra donations, we will be leveling up this weekend and adding a new seat.  PM if you fit the criteria and are interested.

What is cool about our alliance is we are currently ranked at 17 with only 45 players. All the alliances above us have 55 players. This makes us extra awesome.

We have constant elite boosts to help you out.


Minimum donation is 250k 



We are on track to level up again this week and add another seat.  If you are interested send me a PM.  Our team is incredibly active!

1 spot currently open, looking for active new member.


i want to join this alliance

my details



king level-77

donation limit-150K

hhj, I will pop over after war ends tomorrow. We can chat. NAV will be taking first place … Again.