Northern Killaz needs you!!!



We need you to join us in the fun of being in an alliance and the thrills of war.


Alliance Name: Northern Killaz


Alliance Level:   lvl 19 and growing…


Alliance Leaderboard: currently 751 but was 670 highest and growing…


We are friendly and support all players growth, we are very active and especially at war with many various boosts active, we need active members who support alliances during war and donate daily.


Requirements to join:

  • ​​Minimum donation of 20k we will accept but with growth and upgrade alliance towers as gold is used on boosts for members.
  • Hero level 65 and over required
  • Also active players required especially during war seasons as we expect to win…we want players determined to win wars as much as we are and enjoy giving there best. If you are an active player this alliance is right for you.


  • We have multiple Elite Boosts as Blazing Knight, Power Archers,Tough Barricade,Holy Paladin,Frost Trap,Stunning Ogre,Range Bomber etc
  • We give the rank of General to who has been loyal for a period of time, we give “champions” or “shields” to members according to competivness, growth, donations and comunications.
  • Leader is generous and buys many chests for players amongst other players also buying chests.


  • Active war contributions
  • Communicate with us, it makes the game so much more enjoyable

We look forward to welcoming you to Northern Killaz!

Lucifer is a great General and player! Any active player would benefit from his guidance and friendship.


Join his alliance and enjoy the trills of determined gameplay!


Best wishes!

We really do try our best, thanks for the support Shemyaza and best to you as well

I’m an active member of Northern Killaz and would like to add that WE ARE AWESOME