Norway Garden seeing active players that will fight in alliance wars


Welcome to Norway Garden!

We have an excellent, active and social alliance with an alliance rating in the 400s.

We have currently 33 players, with 7 open spots. Our players range from around 2100 trophies to 3700 trophies: our average player has 2433 trophies.

We write in English, but have members from Norway and other parts of Europe, as well as Asia and North America.

This past war season we earned 86,129 skulls against an alliance slightly better than us (Their trophy average was perhaps 500 trophies higher than ours).

We are recruiting players that:

  • have a minimum of 2300 trophies and are at least level 65

  • participate actively in wars

  • are positive and nice people

  • donate regularly (preferably a minimum of 50K or are willing to upgrade their alliance towers to 50K)

  • are active in chat and want to work together to help each other grow a stronger defence and offence

         (participation in chat is not required, but it can be enjoyable and educational!)

  • want to join an alliance with a positive social climate, that is based on teamwork and democracy, and is dedicated to growing stronger

Although everyone is welcome to apply: if you have fewer trophies, or are slightly lower in level, we may test your base to see if you are strong enough to compete in our wars :grinning:

APPLY today!


Cappuccino Monkey, alliance leader