Not able to log in.

Hi there,am not able to log in the game,please help,Viking festival will get over tomorrow,I have saved all the festival chest,so that I can open them all at once,if I am not able to log in than than will lose all the festival chest and all the ninja chest,PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Yup.  Cannot log in

Same here, had problems earlier today, now i can’t log in at all


They are aware of the problem and try to fix it.


My festival chests and the skull ring is at stake.

Yup, we all have this issue.

My alliance players report login issue’s too across multiple operating systems.

Me to same issue. May be flare want to play alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, we apologise for the temporary inconveniences and are currently working hard on getting them fixed asap. Please, stay tuned and thank you for your patience.