Not allowed to make even a single raid in conquest war

I am UJJWAL77 from INDIA ONE ALLIANCE, when one of my alliance member attacked enemy tower, We were not allowed to make even a single raid and screen was showing 0 members participating and it was just showing castle guard , even though we were were raiding enemy tower.

But the agony here is that they were allowed to make raids and eventually we lost, but fortunately he had informed every alliance member immediately to not join him in war. 

Just think of it what would have happened if all would have joined.

And I want one thing that , if FG wants that FG should employ some employee for weekends as well, as Fate of conquest wars are decided in minutes ,2 days are just more than enough to avoid the bugs in conquest.



My guess is that Tower Guard was not longer a member of alliance (maybe, that’s just my guess). Or he even scored on you and ten left alliance and his skulls he got stayed in. So a tower was there but guard not anymore, so you had no one to attack. Later, some member of that team joined battle and scored.  Dunno, not really a bug in this scenario, however if he scored and then left alliance skulls he got also should disappear imo.

Ahh, I misunderstood, so you all were at the tower and were ready to battle but couldn’t since you didn’t appear on the list of participating members ? Then it looks really strange indeed