Not allowing some Windows features.

Never seen these addressed before so would like to make these suggestions.  Fingers crossed I insert pictures correctly…

Do not allow RR2 to change cursor from standard Windows cursors.  I change my cursor to something contrasting to the program I am running otherwise I have difficulty seeing it.  Below picture is an example where RR2 changes the cursor from my standard big white arrow cursor I normally use in Windows to something very difficult for me to see.

Do not allow RR2 to change window size options, i.e. we cannot “window” RR2 as our only options in the game are minimized or full screen.  Below pictures shows the 3 standard options available in Windows and then how RR2 removes the “window” option.

Windows Cursor.jpg

Windows Window 02.gif

Windows Window  01.png


@KingStantheMan There was a topic regarding Windowed mode matters in Windows 10 before but it seems got deleted by CM as I can’t find it anymore (dunno the reason behind that).


I sent a ticket to support December last year:


Here the answer from support that I got February this year:


@RoyaleDing2  Wow, no way I could concentrate on a movie and play RR2 at the same time!  Obviously I am more simple minded than you are.  ?  I would like to be able to have both RR2 and the Line application open at the same time in order to watch for Alliance communications while playing.

Thank you for your response from Support on your inquiry.  However, I believe Support is incorrect in their answer.  The size and shape of the cursor is also a Windows feature and yet they changed it to a unique shape and color for the game.  I did not send a ticket to Support as I thought there would have been more response to this thread from Windows users in the forum.

@KingStantheMan You can try to reinstall your windows to version before Anniversary update to know whether that answer is correct or not. There were already topic regarding this matter before (windowed windows) in bug section (on year 2017) and there’s many discussion (reply from forum users, including me) regarding this. After seems no conclusion I decided to send a ticket to support and that was the answer from them after waiting 3 month. I did post the answer from support to that topic too. However, right now I can’t find any of my post to that topic.

Yeah, I won’t lose to computer that can work multitasking easily ???

Regarding cursor, that’s likely flare works. They change it shape. Actually we can change the current windows original cursor too right? That’s one of windows feature for us windows user ?. So if you want, you still can ask flare to change it shape. Imo it doesn’t that matter, I can see it fine with the current shape.

I save your time. VMWare - Windows 10, 1511 Threshold 2 - Royal Revolt 2 ver 4.2. ?






@RoyaleDing2, whoa you are way over my head.  ?  Thank you for the response but I need to check out this VMPlayer as I’m not familiar with it.  Windowing like the graphics you provided is exactly what I’m looking for.


VMware is Virtual machine software. In that software you can Install another Operating System like Windows, Linux, etc. It act like stand alone computer. I just install VMware in my current Windows 10, and install another Windows 10 in that software. I did that because I just want to give you proof regarding that case without reinstalling my OS. So if you really want to have that features, you can just reinstalling your current Windows to version before Anniversary Update. You can install Windows 10 Threshold 1 or Threshold 2 to have a game with windowed mode. ?

ps. If your PC spec is not very high, play RR2 in VMware will not run smoothly because VMware need spec (RAM, HDD, etc) just like a computer need.


Thank you again for help with this matter.  Been thinking about this and I’m a little hesitant as this HP laptop has not been real reliable for some reason with Windows 10 and its’ updates.  In the past year alone I’ve had to open an account with a local tech service center to “fix” Windows 10 multiple times.  Think I’ll just live with the current situation.