Not complaining just requesting

My worker is digging to unlock the dungeon for past five days and still five days are remaining,here is keeping my finger cross that in today event(when it starts),his time will be cut short.JUST REQUESTING .

Unfortunately events have never worked like this, the reduction has never applied to upgrades etc already in progress, I doubt this will be any different.

many events get wasted for many people for this reason.

However this event is especially great for people willing to spend gems to by-pass the 1 day cooldown even…

I think 99% of those who have all the old dungeons passed, are still digging ~2.5 days

Other 1% already speed up and complete dungeons :lol:

I’m just going to be one of those that speeds up my dungeon.


even mine takes 2day 3hrs for the new dungeon,no option,i will be spending 400gems to speed up.

Wish it was that easy to get the gems,than I wouldn’t have made this topic. I won’t be speeding up the process by using gems,but than it our own choice.

i know  its not easy to get gems,i’m also a free player,but things like this is rare…max i will be spending is 1.3k to 1.5k gems…to finish all the dungeons…